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20+ years of experience
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A few words about us

Stone Art by SKL is bringing together a collection of exclusive stone designs which can transform the beauty of a space! Our stone work is a blend of modern techniques perfected by the craftsmanship of traditional artisans.

Through generations, Indian artisans have passed on the unique skill of detailed carving! Despite the existence of many stone carving technologies around the world, the flawlessness in details achieved through the craftsmanship of local karigars in India remains incomparable!

We pride ourselves in bringing this unique art to the world! We present to you an incomparable range of stone designs that enrich the beauty of surfaces and embrace the extraordinary skill of generations. Our modern and classic stone designs, promise to embellish your interiors with mesmerising and captivating details that transform the ambience and tone of a space!

End to End Capability

We don't just manufacture stonework, but we also help you design and visualize your stone art! Our in-house team of architects and engineers support with technical specifications and drawings. Finally, our expert installation team completes the overall execution. All of this under One Roof! This is what makes us one of the most specialised stone companies in the world!

Interior Design Competency

Our Founder and CEO is an award winning Interior Designer and Architect. This is how SKL brings together aesthetic appeal and understanding of technicalities involved in on-site execution.

Diverse Capabilities

At Stone Art by SKL, we design and supply a variety of flooring designs, wall arts, decorative pieces, sculptures, landscape features and a lot more custom products. We bring a wide range of stone carving competencies under one roof.

Vast Project Work Experience

We are proud to have gathered a rich experience in working with HNI private residences, palaces and hotels around the world. From design and build to stone work, our experience of working on such specialized projects is reflected in the end product.

Our Team

SKL has a team of over 40 people. We have a full time sales team based in the UAE and the UK. We have an in-house engineering team, design team and 3D visualisation team as well.

Produced In India

Our manufacturing facility is based in India. We use best-in-class machines, finishing tools and carving tools. SKL has over 7 years of experience in designing and executing stone work projects.

Installed In The UAE

We have a local installation team based in the UAE, who are fully trained and experienced to execute all kinds of stone projects.

Material Information

Natural stones that we work with, include Indian categories of marble, granite and sandstone. We also work on other international materials including Italian, Greek or Vietnamese marbles.

Our UAE Presence

SKL established its presence in the UAE in 2021 and has been successful in executing several large-scale luxury projects.

Our UK Presence

Following the success of our stone work in the Middle East, SKL opened its doors in the UK in 2022.

Years of Experience

Since 2002, we have been providing great stone art products for all our customers.

Qualified Team

We Have A Team of Award Winning Interior Designers and Architects.

Best Stone Art

Discover Wide Range of Crafted Stone Surfaces & Custom Stone Work with Stone Art By SKL

Our Founder & CEO

A young leader, Mr. Sagar Bhargava is the founder and Principal Designer of SKL Design Studio & Stone Art by SKL. Sagar's career began under the mentorship of the well-known landscape designer Ar. Aniket Bhagwat. Under his guidance, Sagar worked on several prominent projects such as Goldman Sachs HQ in Bangalore, Palava City and other awardwinning developments.

Sagar also brings a wealth of project management expertise from his experience in WeWork India where he was responsible for opening 16 buildings around the country. Sagar holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur. His passion for real estate owes credit to his MSc. degree in Real Estate from Cass Business School, London. In 2020, he graduated from the Indian School of Business (ISB) in MBA Family Business.

Our team